Spruce Knob, WV

Almost Heaven Star Party 2018 with Doug Biernacki September 7-11, 2018

This star party was dominated by very slow moving remanents of Hurricane Florene. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

I arrived on 9/7, set up a Fort Mead A-liner camper, and I set up the NP101 on the GM8. There were clouds all around, but I was able to get some views until about 2130, at which time the sky was completely clouded over.

Doug arrived on 9/8. It remained cloudy during the day but started raining by nightfall. The rain continued most of the rest of the trip, sometimes driven by 40-50 mph winds.

NOVAC hosted several very interesting talks, which we took in. There was a couple of HAL members present as well. We especially enjoyed getting to know Alan. We also were able to visit the NOVAC observatory that is near the AHSP venue. It was interesting to compare what I was seeing there with the work that Chas and I had been doing in the HAL observatory.

The rain let up before it was time to pack up and leave. I am interested in attending another ASHP.

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