DSO Capture: High-level Workflow

The day before

Charge batteries

Check equipment

Select target prepare capture plan

Prepare and save NINA sequence

By sunset

Mount rough polar aligned

Telescope and accessories installed

Data and power cables connected

Sensor rotation set

By sunset +40m

Devices powered up

Software opened

Software and all devices connected

Capture sky or panel Flats and Dark Flats (Alternative 1)

At sunset +40m

Start precision polar alignment

By end of astronomical twilight

Precision polar alignment completed

Initial main and guide camera focused

PHD Calibration and Guiding Assistant Run completed

Target acquisition completed

At end of astronomical twilight

Image capture run(s)

At beginning of astronomical twilight

Stop imaging run

Start capture of sky or panel Flats and Dark Flats (Alternative 2)

By beginning of astronomical twilight +50m

Finish Flat and Dark Flat capture

Continue Dark Flat capture until complete

Close down the session

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