Harney, MD

Farm III with Doug Biernacki June 30-July 1, 2022.

This was my first trip to a dark sky site with the ZWO ASI6200 DSO imaging camera.

In addition to just absolutely enjoying the chance to get back out in the field, it was rewarding to see my DSO setup doing everything that I asked of it. I am not expecting a lot from my images, because I wasn’t on my A game, and didn’t ask everything of my setup that I should have. Although every aspect of running the equipment has been rehearsed and tweaked over the past couple of months, the Jim part of making it all happen correctly in the field was new, and I didn’t execute as well as I could have.

Once again we experienced extraordiary dew, which shut us down at about 0200.

Astronomy at the Farm - 2022-06-30 06:30 EDT
Farm III
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