Planning to Build an Observatory

I decided that I will build a backyard observatory. My reason for wanting an observatory is pretty typical of why any amateur astronomer builds one. Having to set up in the field for every observing session consumes considerable time dragging equipment out, assembling and configuring it for the session, and getting a precise polar alignment for photography. At my skill level, this could take two hours, and I still might not be satisfied with the alignment when I finally throw in the towel. An observatory changes everything! I would be able to walk in, open the roof, turn things on, and I’m ready to observe or image in five or ten minutes. The equipment is always there, and only needs minor configuration before use, and an excruciatingly precise polar alignment is preserved from session to session.¬†¬†Still researching piers…steel on concrete vs all concrete, building type, electrical considerations and several other details. I will probably settle, and break ground when it gets a little warmer.