Impromptu Star Party

The Howard Astronomical League announced an impromptu star party on the evening of our July meeting, and I went out! My intention was to take my 4″ refractor and mount it on my undriven tripod, and just enjoy some visual observations of objects that I have not seen since last year, and perhaps find something that I have never observed before. Fortunately, I threw my binoculars in the Jeep, because I failed to bring the ring that attaches the telescope to the tripod. I also brought a reclining camp chair that supports my legs like a living room recliner. I had the best time finding summer Messier objects and scanning the Milky Way for about two hours! The point that I would like to emphasize is that it does not take a lot of expensive equipment to enjoy astronomy. Also, I think that Scope Out makes a nice observer’s companion and it is a good starting point for planning an observing session.

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