Colomba (The dove)

Monoceros, Puppis, ColumbaColomba was originally named Colmba Noachi, latin for Noah’s Dove. This is a small, dim southern constellation located below the feet of Canis Major. It is so far south that it is only visible at nightfall for a few months centered on February, when it reaches its highest nightfall ascension. In addition to being visually uninteresting due to its small size, dimness, and far south placement, it is also telescopically uninteresting as well. Only one unremarkable globular star cluster (NGC 1851) can be found there with medium-sized amateur telescopes.

IAU Columba chart, IAU and Sky Telescope magazine, June 5, 2011.
IAU Columba chart, IAU and Sky Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott and Rick Fienberg), June 5, 2011.

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