Buying a New Desktop Computer

I have been proudly limping along  and making do with a five year old laptop since I first tried my hand at astrophotography about two years ago. Photoshop, DeepSkyStacker and Registax really take a while to grind out a finished product on the old piece of schist. I am ready to get serious, I mean really, really serious, about astrophotography. Toward this end, I have elected to purchase Mike Unsold’s Images Plus for processing. I noted that this software is capable of using multiple processors, so I researched various processors and architectures. I settled on a Windows 7 x64 desktop box with an Intel CORE i7-4790K on an ASUS H97M-E motherboard with 16GB memory. It will have a 1TB SATA hard drive, and an EVGA GEFORCE GTX750Ti with 2GB onboard RAM. This should do the job quite nicely. Just to be sure that I can see the finer details of my work, I purchased an Asus 23″ VH238 LCD Monitor. The box should be ready to pick up by Wednesday. Hmmm, instead of dragging a 19″, 5-year old flagstone-ish laptop to the field, perhaps I should upgrade this component of my technology suite soon.

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