SpaceX Starlink 2 Mission

The SpaceX Starlink 2 mission launched 2020-1-6 @ 21:14, and released 60 Starlink satellites at about 22:16. Packed one against the other as they were released at 350 km above the Earth’s surface, these satellites will disburse as they attain higher orbits over time. As this disbursement progresses, the “train” appearance of the 60 satellites will diminish.

Starlink 1 Satellite Train. Reddit. 2019-12-15

To find opportunities to view the Starlink 2 train, use a satellite tracker to determine when favorable passes occur for your location. I use, which is designed specifically for Starlink passes. Using lat/lon coordinates rather than selecting a city will give you better precision. I use N39.14/W77.00 for my location in central Maryland.

To actually observe the train, use the time and direction information provided in the tracker to determine when and where to look. The train should be clearly visible with the unaided eye. I wouldn’t recommend anything stronger than binoculars if a closer look is desired.

Using and accounting for weather forecasts in my area, I arrived at two possible opportunities to observe passes. These can be seen in the Events Calendar. As the satellites’ orbital characteristics are changing, I expect that he times of these events could change. If so, I will update theses events in the calendar, and I will add more events to the calendar if they appear in the tracker.

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