Saturn and Jupiter

My objective for this session was to shoot Venus in UV and IR as early as possible, eat dinner, and come back out to shoot Saturn in LRGB and Jupiter in iRGB, and in CH4 after they cleared the trees. For the four-channel sets on Saturn and Jupiter, I wanted to get about ten sets on each planet to further experiment with derotation.

The setup went flawlessly, and I was shooting Venus before sunset. The flip mirror made that possible. The only technical issue that I had was getting low on storage, so that’s something that I can manage in the short term just by being aware. My initial thought is to archive the .tifs that come out of AS and toss the video after I have complete processing. Any reprocessing that I might attempt later can start with the .tif files.

The weather was fairly mild, but it I started getting chilled during my last Jupiter run, which was lasted about 25 minutes. I ignored what I knew to be best for me as I went out. I would call the seeing average or slightly below. I was expecting above average, but it just wasn’t there. Dew was not an issue as I had the heater on. Maybe a little on the laptop.

Unplanned targets were the Moon, and Ganymede and Callisto as a pair. I was not expecting to see the Moon, due to a lack of situational awareness on my part, and when I looked at Jupiter’s ephemeris I remembered that I wanted to see if I could collect detail on Ganymede. I think that I collected about 4000 frames of IR on maybe 3 separate shots of the Moon, and I collected 60s in RGB on the Ganymede/Callisto.

Saturn emerged from the trees about 2110, and when I got to Jupiter, which by then was out of the trees, the GRS was rotating out of view. I finished Saturn just as it was arriving at the meridian, and I spent a little over half an hour on Jupiter, finishing up as it reached the meridian. I was inside by at about 2315.

Saturn - 2021-09-11 01:51 UTC
Jupiter - 2021-09-11 0244 UTC - Reprocessed
Jupiter - 2021-09-11 0244 UTC
Jupiter - 2021-09-11 0216 UTC - CH4
Jupiter (Methane)

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