Seeing that the Sun had a fair amount of sunspots visible today, I decided to image it to keep my solar acquisition and imaging skills current.

It was 57 degrees, moderate humidity, and some passing clouds were present. I managed to find a large enough “hole” to get a decent amount of frames. There was a slight breeze from time to time.

The NP101 was already set on the mount. I added the 60Da and 2x Powermate. I encountered no difficulty in setting up, powering up, and operating the equipment.

I set Backyard EOS to capture a sequence of 100 frames at 1/640s, ISO 100.

The individual raw .cr2 files were converted to .avi, and then stacked in AutoStakkert 3. I then sharpened moderately in Registax, and then finished in Photoshop with Autocolor, levels adjustment, and annotations.

The Sun - 03-02 18:46 UTC
The Sun

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