Seeing a clear sky this morning, I put the ASI290/Filter Wheel on the Meade/G11 to image Venus in UV and IR. Everything is taken down now but I wish that I had imaged in L as well.

The temperature was 48F when I went outside at 0930. There was a slight and occasional surface breeze. Atmospheric seeing was average, which was consistent with what I was seeing in the FC display. The temperature was 50F when I concluded the session at 1015. There was a high, thin cloud band across the area where Venus was located, but it has moved to the south by the time I started imagine. There were no other cloud issues.

The Good: Finally able to get UV and IR runs on Venus as it approached the meridian, and with average seeing.

The Bad: Nothing much to speak of.

The Ugly: Even though FC was reporting that the filter wheel was connected, the filters were not changing on command. I verified this by connecting again, and by taking the Powermate off so that I could observe the filters. My work around was to manually move the filter to UV, put the PM back on, image, move the filter to IR, and image again. Maybe fifteen minutes of the session was devoted to manually reconfiguring the filter wheel, and reacquiring the target.

Venus - 2022-04-11 14:02 UTC - Cloud Details?

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