I did this morning what I have been prone to do sunny mornings lately, and that is to image the sun.

I went outside to set up at 1050. The temperature was 67F, and there was a very light but intermittent breeze. Astrospheric was reporting seeing as average and transparency as above average. I concluded the session by 1115.

The NP101 was already on the G11. I added the ASI178/flip mirror. Set up, power up, and target acquisition went well.

There were two larger sunspots (AR2999 and AR3001) that stood out. There were two sets of smaller sunspots that do not have AR numbers. I could see AR2995 just disappearing over the western solar limb.

I made to capture runs, that covered the entire solar disk. The stacked images will be photomerged in Photoshop. Exposure settings were .9s and gain = 20.

The Good: It was all good.

The Bad and Ugly: All good means no bad or ugly.

The Sun - 2022-05-02 15:11 UTC

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