My objective was to enjoy a sunny day by imaging the Sun.

It was 68F, there was a slight breeze, and high/thin scattered clouds when I arrived at the scope at 1120.

The NP101 was on the G11. The ASI178MC and the Canon EOS 60Da were both used for this session.

I first captured a single closeup of AR3014 and AR3015 with 1000 frames at .8ms and 200 gain using the ASI178MC. The two active regions were very closely situated, and altogether very interesting in appearance.

Next I captured the full solar disk was captured with 75 frames at 1/500 and ISO 100 using the Canon EOS 60Da. In addition to the very prominent AR3014/15 area, there were five other active regions visible on the solar surface.

It was 69F, and conditions were otherwise unchanged at the end of the session at 1215

The good: All went very smoothly.

The bad: Seeing wasn’t great.

The ugly: Not much to add to this category.

Overall impression: really enjoyed being at the scope when all goes well.

There were no to-do items generated from this session.

The Sun - 2022-05-18 15:44 UTC - AR3014 and AR3015
AR2014 and AR2015
The Sun - 2022-05-18 15:14 UTC
The Sun

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