My objective tonight was to capture Albiero in RGB.

Surfaces were moderately wet, but optics stayed dry with the controller on full.

I had severe difficulty with the wifi connection. I’m going to stop calling it a remote desktop problem because I have determined that it is wifi. As I have mentioned before, I have “caught” the mini computer jumping from the nano router to the home router. In an attempt to preclude that, I told the mini computer to Forget the home wifi network, which means IF I WANTED to reconnect to the home wifi, I would have to re-enter security credentials. Just to test, I told the laptop to Forget that network, and yes, I had to re-enter security credentials to reconnet.

Tomorrow, with this newly gained understanding of what is going on I will start searching for a solution tomorrow.

Inspite of that I managed to get some imaging in. I was able to see Polaris in the PoleMaster display at 1951. As I finished the alignment, I realized that I probably didn’t need to do it because nothing had been perturbed. I did skip calibration. During the night I was seeing Tot RMS numbers between .55 and .72 Total RMS. I’ll take that!

On Albiero I was shooting 1s subs, so 30 subs each filter with RGB went pretty fast. I did not take any Flats because I will be cropping out all but the very center of the image.

Albiero 2022-09-13 03:00 - Test Image

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