PHD2 AutoGuiding Resources

There is a lot of PHD2 information and a lot of tutorials out there on the web. Some are good and others are junk, but how to tell the difference?

I choose to rely on the recognized community experts. Below are links to the only PHD2 resources that I use. Period.

Video Tutorials:

Optimizing Guiding with PHD2, Bruce Waddington

Demystifying the PHD2 Guiding Assistant, Bruce Waddington

Or anything by the primary PHD2 developers, Bruce Waddington or Andy Galasso. Other video tutorials by them may be added later.


PHD2 Best Practices

How to Create a Baseline for PHD2 Guiding Results

Analyzing PHD2 Guiding Logs, A Basic Tutorial

PHD2 Troubleshooting and Analysis, PHD2 Manual


PHD2 Latest Download

PHD2 Log Viewer

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