Harney, MD

Farm VIII with Doug Biernacki August 16-17, 2023

After being completely smoked out and clouded out, or finding a bright Moon in the sky for the past several weeks, this as a welcome opportunity get under a dark sky.

Most importantly, this was Dougs first dark sky trip with a new camera and a new mount. We had put a lot of work getting him ready, and it paid off.

Although the forcast was for good sky conditions from dusk until dawn, lingering clouds at dusk got us off to a late start, and I found that clouds had rolled in by 0230, so I am not sure how much data I collected.

My target was the North America Nebula to try to improve on my last image.

The heat of the afternoon had me moving rather slowly, but I got going pretty good as the approach sunset began to cool things down. The evening was rather cool, and the low temperature as 59 degrees. There was moderate dew after midnight.

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