Harney, MD

Farm X with Doug Biernacki, November 13-14, 2023

Life and weather teamed up to keep us away from the Farm in September, so this was a much-needed trip. Weather conditions had changed dramatically since last trip. Moderate September conditions were long gone, and replaced by much colder temperatures. The low on temperature for the night was 27 degrees. On the positive side, 11 1/2 hours of prime imaging time was avaliable.

Sky conditions were great. Transparency seemed perfect and seeing seemed better than predicted and a heavy frost had fallen upon the equipment.

Doug’s targets were Pac-man Nebula and Heart Nebula. My targets were Triangulum Galaxy and Casper the Friendly Ghost Nebula. My session was interrupted at 0240 by a Windows update that I forgot to turn off.

Farm X - 2023-11-13/14 - Harney MD
Image by Doug Biernacki.

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