Harney, MD

Farm XI with Doug Biernacki, December 13-15, 2023

This 11th trip to the Farm by Doug and I represents a significant expansion of our dark sky camping capabilities. Firstly, this was our first two-night trip to the Farm, which is significant because there were no on-site support facilities. Any support needed to be either brought with us, or obtained by a run back to the civilized world. Secondly, low temperatures of 19 and 21 degrees were significant because we demonstrated the ability to sustain ourselves in harsh weather and still manage astrophotography sessions.

Surprisingly, a near solstice day after a night of astronomy is very short. We woke up at 0910 (because we had been awake until the wee hourse of the morning), and we needed to be starting up our next session at around 1600. This left less than seven hours to analyze the results of the night before, prepare for the next night, and to make a run to Gettysburg to get gasoline for the generator, propane for the camper furnace, and food for ourselves.

All-in-all, it was a very rewarding trip.

Farm XI - 2023-12-15 06:51L
About a week before the solstice, a heavy frost lies on the ground at dawn after a long night of astrophotography at the Farm.

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