Green Bank, WV

Star Quest 2019 with Doug Biernacki June 26-29, 2022.

This was a very interesting site for a star party. I liked several things about it, but I think that I would choose ASHP over this one in the future.

I took a Fort Mead A-liner pop up. We were set up in a grassy field, near the portapotty and battery charging station. Meals, taken in a mess hall-like facility and showers were a bit of a walk.

This site has great dark skies, almost as dark as Spruce Knob. Many of the talks left me disappointed. While some “known” names were invited, they were not speaking on topics in which they had expertise. I felt that the talk was based on a web search that anyone could do.

On the last night there, the host organization had organized a public star party that I didn’t know anything about until people showed up asking for views while I was struggling with a technical issue.

Star Party at Green Bank National Radio Observatory (2019)
Green Bank National Radio Observatory
© James R. Johnson, 2022.

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