It was very nice out today, so I could not resist imaging the sun again. Today’s setup was the same as yesterday: Canon 60Da, TeleVue NP101is/2x Powermate, and Losmandy G11.

When I put the camera on the scope just before 1400, it was sunny and 61 degrees. There was an occasional slight breeze. The sky appeared hazy, but otherwise there were no clouds.

Setup and target acquisition went very smoothly. I encountered no difficulties or issues that required follow on attention.

I captured 100 subs at 1/500s and ISO100. I also captured 30 flats.

In processing, I found that Autostakkert can take a master flat, but I could not figure out how to make the master from the 30 sub flats in Autostakkert. I tried to stack the flats in PI, but maybe that’s just for images that include star fields.

The most striking thing about this image compared to yesterday’s is that there are considerably fewer sunspots.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome, and really enjoyed the time outside on this nice day. I also appreciate how working at the scope more frequently lately has improved my efficiency and effectiveness at the scope. I take this to mean that getting out to the scope early and often, regardless of what target is available, is important to maintain proficiency.

Sun - 20220305 1907 UTC
The Sun

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