The Monkey Head Nebula (NGC 2174)

My objective was to collect some data on the Monkey Head to test the effect of capture changes that I had recently made.

The setup for this session was the G11, NP101, and ASI6200MM.

Set up and start up went reasonably smoothly, but I was not at my best. I attribute this to having only two imaging sessions since Christmas. If nothing else, the setup and startup practice was useful.

At dark I polar aligned without issue.

I then opened PHD2 and deleted my profile. On attempting to establish a new profile, PHD kept auto-populating the pixel size field with the main camera sensor size instead of the guide camera sensor size. I could not force it to pick up the guide camera sensor size.

I had this issue a couple of days ago during a daylight test, but I some how got past it. Last night I wasn’t able to get past the issue, I was even worried that I might introduce bad data, so I decided to abandon the session and work on the issue during daylight hours.

New Profile Resolution

The resolution was to disconnect the main camera from the laptop when establishing a new equipment profile, reconnect it after the Dark Library has been build, and resume the session.

See procedure.

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