PHD2: New Equpment Profile when using ASI Main and ASI Guiding Cameras

I could not use the PHD new equpment profile wizard to establish a profile for the guide camera with both a ZWO ASI main camera (ASI6200MM in my case) and an ASI guiding camera (ASI290Mini), connected to the laptop. The main imaging camera pixel size was populated into the wizard until I disconnected the main camera.

Online forum literature says that this is an ASI driver problem, not a PHD problem.

This procedure that I used to make the new equipment profile was:

  • Connect the 290mini to laptop.
  • Do not connect the 6200 to the laptop.
  • Connect the Gemini II control panel to the laptop.
  • Open PHD, click the Connect icon in the lower left corner
  • Manage Profiles: Delete any old equipment profiles
  • Manage Profiles: New using wizard
  • Guide camera: In dropdown, select ZWO ASI Cameras.
  • Is camera already connected to PC? Yes
  • Observe that the un-binned pixel size is 2.9
  • Binning level: 1
  • Enter guide scope focal length: 540
  • Next
  • Mount: In dropdown, select Gemini (ASCOM)
  • Mount already connected: Yes
  • Mount guide speed: 0.50
  • Next
  • AO: None
  • Next
  • Profile name: TV-290mini (or some descriptive)
  • Build Dark Library: Yes
  • Auto restore calibration: Yes
  • Build Dark Library
  • Min exposure time 1.0s
  • Max exposure time 4.0s
  • Frames each exposure time: 10
  • Create entirely new library: Yes
  • Start
  • Follow prompts

Reconnect ASI6200 and resume session.

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