The Moon – Practice Session

The objective for this session was to conduct a practice session for capturing The Worm Moon tomorrow night.

The equipment used was the G11, TV NP101is, and ASI178MC. Changing telescopes, setup, power up and connection to devices was without problem. The capture session was managed remotely.

The temperature was 45 degrees and the relative humidity was 48% when the session began at 2030. There was no discernable breeze. Astrospheric forecast transparency and seeing as Below Average. The degraded seeing was not apparent in the live display at the working image scales for this session.

I performed a PoleMaster alignment, because I had removed the Meade and replaced it with the Tele Vue. Even with a fresh alignment, I was getting considerable drift over the course of several minutes.

I captured the full disk of the moon in two separate panels that were to be stitched together in processing. For each panel, 2000 frames were captured in FireCapture with 1.1ms exposure, gain 251, and 30% histogram. The length of the session was less than ten minutes.

The only follow up action is to do another PoleMaster alignment at the start of the next session.

Images have been processed and posted. I used a low histogram for processing lunar closeups of Mons Rumker, Aristarchus Plateau, and Marius Hills in my previous session, and the images seem to have turned out just fine. For some reason, this image was very difficult to get levels and curves adjustments correct, and even with that the colors and contrast seem muted.

The Moon - 2023-03-05 00:31 UTC

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