The Moon – Mons Rumker, Aristarchus Plateau and Marius Hills

The objective of this quick session was to capture my three most favored volcanic lunar features while the just after the terminator has passed them. These features are Mons Rumker, Aristarchus Plateau, and Marius Hills. Shooting these three targets in color is what I bought the ASI178MC for, and the confluence of weather, lunar phase, and my ability to get to the telescope finally occurred last night.

The temperature was 45 degrees and the relative humidity was a reasonable 65% when I went out to the scope at 1900. There was an occasional slight breeze. The Astrospheric seeing forecast was for Below Average conditions, and indeed I could see the live display image being tossed about.

The equipment for this session was Losmandy G11, Meade LX850 (12″ f/8) and ZWO ASI178MC. Setup, power up and device connections went smoothly. I did not check polar alignment. No issues were encountered that require follow up.

This was a quick session that lasted only fifteen minutes, which was just long enough to shoot the three targets.

Seeing was largely overcome by shooting 5000 frames of each target. Instead of Registax wavelet sharpening, I used BlurXTerminator AI sharpening, and I am very happy with the result. I was prepared to try NoiseXTerminator, but the images were already as smooth as butter.

The Moon - 2023-03-05 01:06 UTC - Marius Hills
The Moon - 2023-03-05 00:59 UTC - Aristarchus Plateau
The Moon - 2023-03-05 00:59 UTC - Mons Rumker

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